I am Neil Brown from Spruce Pine, North Carolina, born and raised in Maine. I have been dabbling at family history for over 40 years and maintain a database of over 107,000 of my closest relatives. I am on with lots of cousins.

My interest in Blaneys comes from my great aunt Emily MIldred Knox (b. 13 May 1884, Upper Hainesville, New Brunswick, Canada- d. 11 Dec 1929, Woodstock, New Brunswick) who was the first wife of George Judson Manser Blaney (b. 13 May 1877, Campbell Settlement, New Brunswick- d. Sep 1972). Her parents are one set of my great grandparents.

I have been given a treasure trove of Blaney family history material which I hope to load up on this website.

April 4, 2023

I have several hundred pages of Blaney family history that I intend to post to this website. I’m going tomorrow to the local LDS Family History Center and show them what I have and ask for their advice as to how to proceed. I have a book of Canadian- Ontario and New Brunswick- Blaneys and 3 books of what are called Kittery, Maine Blaneys. Plus lots of newspaper clippings, obits and other miscellaneous.

Currently attempting to document my descent from Mayflower passenger Richard Warren. Got stuck on Hannah Fuller otherwise all else is good to go. Last year I did Mayflower passenger Elder William Brewster. He comes down through the Turner line. My paternal grandmother was Clara Blanche Turner Brown.

April 12, 2023

Indeed I visited the local LDS Local History Center and showed them what I had. We discussed several possibilities, they have a high speed scanner that I am welcome to use, we discussed the possibility of putting my material on the cloud for all to see.

At 4:00 a.m. the next morning, I awoke to a memory that the person who had given me all this Blaney material told me that all of the material given me was on a thumb drive included in the last box of materials. I remember the thumb drive but have never plugged it into my computer to see what’s there. That box and thumb drive are at my other house. I plan to move back there on Friday, April 21 and will take a look then. Stay tuned!!

April 12 p.s.- The last few days I’ve been printing out Blaney obits that I then plan to scan and load up on this or some other virtual platform.

Blaney/Blayney Name Study

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